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Foster Care

Children and youth in foster care have often survived a lifetime of uncertainty and change that has resulted in adversity and trauma. LLNW has worked to serve these families and children to help overcome obstacles and enabled them to thrive through various initiatives. 

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Foster Parents Night Out

Understanding that foster parents are very limited when it comes to who can watch their foster children, LLNW has partnered with Embrace Oregon to provide respite care for these families, so parents can get some time to themselves while their children and their foster children are in safe hands. Once a month, for a four hour block of time children enjoy a full meal, crafts, guest speakers like the Reptile Guy and special activities like video game trucks and more! Children are not only taken care of by the handful of volunteers who lovingly serve but have also built strong, lasting relationships with them as well; impacting both foster care families and those who serve them.

Live Love’s respite programs are the place to be for foster kids. Their workers love our kids as their own! It allows us parents time to refresh and recharge all while knowing our kids are in a safe place and can just be themselves. We are so grateful!

LLNW has watched foster families overcome obstacles, learn how to thrive and witness firsthand how serving just four hours a month can greatly impact an entire community.

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