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MARCH 2021 | Outreach Recap

Becky Hanenkrat

January and February were planning months LLNW. They were months of goal setting for the year, joint vision discussions with our partner Mannahouse on some outreach planned for March, April and May. We spent time planning fundraising, and even got a start on Live Love Christmas 2021.

Amidst the administrivia of taxes, drafting the annual report, and doing grant research, we were still able to sponsor some wonderful outreach for some truly deserving groups.

For our FOSTER CARE outreach:

As part of our Foster Care outreach, LLNW recognizes the key role that Social Workers in Oregon and Washington have in making the lives of Foster kids better. It is hard and difficult work – stressful and emotional. COVID has really caused challenges to foster families and the entire foster system, increasing the severity of needs amongst the foster care community. This has placed additional burden on already overworked social workers.

For Social Work Appreciation Month, Live Love NW gifted 200 $5 gift cards to social workers serving DCYF and ODHS so they can treat themselves to a coffee. While it was not a huge amount, it was our goal to make them feel special and recognized for the challenging work that they do. The feedback was really positive, and it’s something we would like to continue to do as funds are available.

For Trafficking Survivor Care:

LLNW/Mannahouse are currently assisting a sex industry survivor who has the desire to leave the industry. For privacy reasons, we won’t share details, but as part of our work in all cases like this one, a qualified mentor comes alongside the survivor, works with them to establish a system of support, providing education, lodging if needed, and stays closely connected to ensure that they have the ability to become more and more independent as time goes on. The industry is very challenging to leave due to so many reasons including coercion, money, fear, lack of other skills that can create that independence. Our work is close and deep with survivors, very individually tailored to their needs.

Our CITY CARE activities continue unabated:

Easter Egg Hunt:
One of the MOST fun things that LLNW sponsored in April was Easter Egg Hunts at two Mannahouse Locations. It was called the most “Eggcellent Hunt” and was open to the local communities around those two locations. Live Love NW was proud to be a sponsor, and provided six bikes to be given as raffle items to community members.

In Eugene, the Daily Bread food pantry continues – supporting those in need so that they don’t go hungry.

In the Portland / Vancouver area, Live Love NW sponsors two Police Rest Stops to support our first responders. We provide a place of rest, an opportunity to have a date with the spouse in a quiet place, a chance to re-group, and recharge for a short period of time during what can be a super stressful shift. In February, we sponsored a Super Bowl “Party” to allow them to enjoy the game in between work.


Live Love Christmas, our signature event of the year, is already underway! To make sure we are ready for next year, we have had a kick-off meeting with Campus Leads and are starting our planning much earlier.
We would like to increase the quality of gifts this year, raising the retail value from $20 per gift to $30 per gift if possible, so our outreach is beginning even earlier than normal. We want to shower our recipients with the love of Christmas, and are working hard to make sure our volunteers are excited, and ready to go.

We are researching grants this year to see if we can increase the cash donations, as we want to begin purchasing gifts as quickly as we can. By starting earlier, we can take advantage of sales throughout the year for the things we need, for the gifts we purchase and for the donations we request. We are working hard at being the good stewards that God would approve of, and that our donors expect us to be.

Worship Night at the Black Pearl: June 4th

We are excited to announce our first Worship at the Black Pearl fundraiser event coming up June 4th! Two hours of amazing worship in a fantastic location, and all donation proceeds will go to Live Love NW. It will be a free event, from 7-9pm, limited to 300 attendees, and registration will be open early May. Watch our Facebook page for more information about this event, and book it in your calendar to attend! It will be an arm-raising, soul- gratifying, heart-filling praise and worship experience. We really hope to see you there!!!

As always, we are hoping that you will join us by becoming a supporter of the work we do. To donate to Live Love NW, and support the work we do in the Portland / Vancouver area, go to livelovenw.org/give and help us help others.

Love doesn’t Look Away.

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