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Miracle Miles becomes the Big Give – And BIG IT WAS!

Becky Hanenkrat

Live Love Northwest is excited to share with you the outcome of the “Miracle Miles / Big Give” event that was held at Mannahouse Rocky Butte Campus in Portland on Saturday, August 8th.   The Live Love Northwest motto is “Love doesn’t look away,” and Saturday’s event is a great example of putting that motto in action.  I can’t tell you how many people I talked with during the day who said how wonderful it was that we were doing this because their needs are great. Their testimonials touched my heart every time.

As I have shared with you already, thanks to the generosity of the United Breast Cancer Foundation and many donors like you to our Miracle Miles Campaign, Live Love Northwest was able to receive two 53ft trailer trucks full of new goods for distribution into the Portland/Vancouver community with a value of well over $2.3 million.  One truck was full of items for helping women feel good about themselves, including name brand makeup, skin care, hair care, clothing and shoes.  The second truck was filled with household goods including bed linens, small kitchen appliances, electronics, home décor, and tools.   The pictures I have included don’t really do it justice –  there were ALOT of items.  Just to stage all of the items, we had to fill the entire gymnasium of Mannahouse at Rocky Butte, and the full upper parking lot as well!

The recipients were lined up starting as early as 6:30 am, although the event didn’t open until 9!  The line went out of the parking lot of Mannahouse, and down the street to the corner!   Because of LLNW’s focus areas , the recipients were nominated by agencies such as the Oregon Foster Care system (DHS) and the Washington Foster Care system (DCYF), the Contingent, and Foster Parents Night Out organizations to invite their foster and kinship families.  In addition, Live Love Northwest connected with local human trafficking initiatives/agencies to invite their survivors to come and receive goods, as well as choosing items for our Live Love Northwest Lockers (resource centers for human trafficking survivors).

At least 1000 people were able to attend and left with goods that they can use in their homes, in their lives and share with their families – the event blessed so many! Throughout the event, uplifting music from our sponsor FISH 104.1 was played for everyone.  Live Love Northwest was delighted to have the opportunity to showcase their station for others in an uplifting way during the giving event.

And so many thanks to Starbucks, who engaged their partner network of employees to donate and serve iced coffee and tea to those going through the line, with snack bags waiting as they checked out.  Since the event did not end until 1pm, their donation was most welcome.

This could not have been done without Mannahouse, who was instrumental in making this entire event possible.  Prior to the event they had volunteers sort the inventory, and stage it.  They provided the venue for the event, and they managed and staffed the entire event from start to finish with volunteers.  They also ensured that COVID guidelines were strictly followed, managing the number of people in the facility, masks, and sanitation.

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