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Survivor Support Ministry

Our goal with survivor support ministry is to love, support and provide women coming out of human trafficking with basic essentials to help them in the pursuit of rebuilding their lives from the ground up.

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Provide a Healthy Future for Survivors of Human Trafficking

When women are saved from human trafficking situations, they leave everything behind. They are left to seek after the most basic of needs as they try to find a job and make themselves a living. Understanding that human trafficking survivors have an array of obstacles to overcome; like drug addiction and reversing unhealthy behavioral and phycological patterns, one can begin to see that this journey is not easy. With survivor support ministry we aim to meet these women at their most vulnerable phase in rebuilding a healthy future. By collecting resources that provide basic essentials like toiletries, clothing and shoes, we are helping women get back on their feet as they go out into an unfamiliar world looking to create a healthy future.


LLNW helps our survivors get back on their feet. Sometimes they come out of trafficking with nothing, not even clothing. The goods we provide aren’t just a hand-me-down, they are something that has true value. Our survivors feel the love and appreciation. We want them to say: ‘Ok, I can do this!’ 


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